Womella is a women’s and children’s apparel manufacturer based in Denizli and Istanbul in Turkey with 40 years of experience in clothing manufacturing, retail and wholesale. In our 40 years of operation we built out a sustainable business model and we operate with respect to nature and humans.

    We buy our textiles from local manufacturers supporting small businesses. Ethical labour is important to us, we condemn the exploitation of humans and the Earth. Every piece of Womella clothing is Oeko Tex certified, which means that every single part of every item that we make is free from harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

    Womella is proud of its unique woodblock printing method carried on since ancient times. In the past decades, woodblock printing became our brand identity. We are keen to preserve the purity and the natural state of the fabrics we are working with. We brought together natural and original, non-standard special woven fabrics with ethnic and modern woodcut patterns. We offer collections that are as natural as possible, and designed to provide comfort that makes users feel free. We are advanced in weaving methods of natural and absolutely healthy fabrics such as hemp, cotton, tencel, bamboo and linen.

    The most important factors that make our products different and distinguish us from standard manufacturers is the principle of integrating all manufacturing processes within our own structure for the protection of each product's unique feature. For 12 years, we have worked with unlimited colors and patterns with decals. Our products were sold to the whole world through customers and there were never any problems due to model, design, sewing or printing.